829 Geary Street, 94109, San Francisco

1782 Haight St, 94117, San Francisco

815B Washington St, 94607, Oakland


Our Story

Growing up in Thailand, our go-to after-school snack was khao man gai, which can be found almost anywhere on the streets of Bangkok. The ingredients are simple - chicken, rice, sauce - and it's aroi (delicious). You can eat it with family and friends, or on your own. It can be breakfast, lunch, or a fun meal after a night out. It's the perfect option for when you just want to eat instead of worrying about what to order.

We wanted to bring that mai bpen arai (care-free) spirit of Thailand to the busy world of San Francisco, offering comfort food that's healthy, quick, and affordable. We use only the best ingredients, and it's always freshly prepared to ensure it tastes just like home cooking. For all those times you want something easy and delicious, we hope you enjoy What the Cluck.

What the Cluck Geary

Monday - Sunday
11am - 10pm

What the Cluck Haight

Monday - Sunday
11am - 8pm

What the Cluck Oakland

Monday - Sunday
11am - 6pm


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